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Upland Police

We rely on generous people like you to make Upland a safer city. Support one of the finest law enforcement agencies in California. Prevent crime, save lives and make our community a better and safer place to live, work and visit.

Officer Training

Highly Skilled Officers

Your donations help support unique training programs that provide officers with the ability to utilize innovative approaches to complex police procedures. These unique classes help build the skills that make our department so effective in their service to the citizens. 

Please find below a sampling of more than $100,000 in officer training that citizens and businesses have funded through their donations to the Foundation during the past 23 years.  Donations have made a significant contribution to the expertise of the Upland Police Officers and their ability to provide a safe community!

 Abuse/Assault: Child Abuse Assault Training, Sexual Assault Training, California Sexual Assault Investigations

Firearms:  Tactical Shotgun, Handgun, and Pistolcraft, Advanced Tactical Rifle, Firearms Instructor Course. Impact Weapon Training, Special Weapons and Tactics, Enforcement Precision Rifle, Firearms Motor Safety, Colt M16 Instructor Course, FBI Firearms Instructor Development Course, Armorer School (MP-5, USP, UMP), USP Armor School

ForensicsBasic Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Computer Forensics Training, Internet Investigations, Forensic Total Mapping System, Methods of Latent Prints, Taser Forensics Course, Forensic/Total Station Training

Gangs:  California Gang Investigations, Street Survival Seminars, Gang Violence Conference, Advanced Gang Investigation, Gang Awareness, Gang Workshop, Gang Investigation Symposium, Certified Gang Enforcement, CA Gang Task Force, Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

Incident/TacticsTactical Operations for Incident, Defensive Tactics Training, Combative Self Defense, Survival Seminar, Hostage & Suicide, Mobile Options Tactical Assault Course, Intruder to Active Shooter, Field Training Officer Course, Low-Light Operator/Training Course

InvestigationsHomicide Investigators Conference, Use of Force Investigation, Advanced Investigations, Search Warrants for Investigations, , Informant Development & Management, Drone Training, Patrol's Guide to Fraud, , Kinesic Interview Skills, Contraband Concealment Course

K9 CoursesBasic Handler, Narcotics Detection, Agitator, Trials, On-site Monthly Training, Patrol/K9

Narcotics:  CA Narcotics Officer, D.A.R.E. Conference. CA Narcotics Training, Drug I.D. & Paraphernalia, Drug Influence Recognition, Drug Abuse Recognition, Basic Narcotics School, Narcotics Interdiction Association, Narcotics Association Conference

Probation and Parolees:  Probation Policy, Parolee Contacts - Convicts & Cops, Parolee Contracts

Search, Seizure, and Warrants:  Search Warrant Training, Miranda Search & Seizure, Tactical Manual Breaching, Warrants & Legal Issues, Basic Asset Forfeiture

SchoolsSchool Resource Officer Course, Safe School Conference, School Violence Seminar, Focus on Truancy Conference, Legal Issues in Schools

Specialized Areas: Chemical Agent Instructor, Sex Offender Supervision Officer, Homeless Task Force, Escape to Reality Confidence Course, Diversionary Device Instructor Course, TMS Millennium Transition Training, Mini D.A.R. (Through the Wall Radar), Safe and Crisis Training, D.U.I. / S.F.S.T. Certification

TechnologyFBI Cyber Crimes Symposium, Undercover Operations & Technology

Terrorism:  Terrorism Training, Homeland Security

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